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Slow Time: Reclaiming the Time of Your Life

$150 for twelve weeks. Limited to 10 students.

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Are you starved for time?

Do you spend your waking hours running like a pet hamster on a revolving wheel of tasks and obligations?

How would you life be different if you could live it at your own tempo?

Do you consult your soul when creating your schedule?

Are you living on “time credit,” accumulating materials and information for projects and trips you will do some day, “when you have more time”?

This twelve week course is designed to transform your experience with time, through a series of exercises and steps, which move you from seconds, through hours, days, weeks, moons, months, seasons, years and finally to the spacious arena of the night skies.

Find the tempo that is natural for you.

Time will become your friend and ally rather than an adversary. Instead of constriction and panic, you will experience abundance and serenity.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • the difference between artificial time and natural time
  • the way your past affects the present
  • how to consult your soul when designing your schedule
  • simple ways to attune with the natural rhythms of the seasons
  • ways to slow down and savor your life
  • which season and hours are best for your personality according to Chinese medicine
  • how to create a sacred relationship with time

“To participate in the sacred mystery of these moments is to know what it means to be human. We deny ourselves our deepest delight by not participating in the dawn, the dusk, the solstice, the springtime.”
—Thomas Berry from "Singing to the Dawn," Sun Magazine, May 2002

How It Works:
Each week you will receive (via email) a lesson on time, including suggested tasks and inquiries you can apply to your life. It has always seemed somewhat ironic to me to assign homework to people who are desperate for more time, so I will offer you a range of ideas from the simple to the complex, and you can participate at the level which feels comfortable to you. Once you register, you will also be subscribed to a private email list where you can post the results of your weekly explorations as well as questions that arise and resources you find as you proceed.

Topics Covered
The course moves simultaneously from the general to the specific, and from the minute to the grand scale of the galaxies:

  • Lost in Time: the history of time through time, your personal history with time, altering your beliefs about time
  • Ticking Off Minutes: the difference between artificial time and natural time, how to use the ultradian rhythm in your life, keeping a time log
  • Book of Hours: the invention of the clock, hours in other cultures, P-time vs. M-time, identifying your prime time, sacred and magical hours
  • The Days are Fruits: the differences between larks and owls, sleep rhythms and how they change over time, seasonal affective disorder, marking the light, putting yourself first
  • The Origin of the Week: market days and holy days, reclaiming the sabbath, creating your own sabbatical, gods and goddesses of the week, the ideal schedule
  • Naming the Months: alternate calendars, creating your own months, anniversaries, memories of months gone by
  • Phases of the Moon: moon watching, moon magic, planting by the moon, waxing and waning in your own life, women and the moon
  • Seasons: quartering the year, which season are you? seasonal metaphors, creating a seasonal schedule, seasons around the world, connecting with your landscape
  • Year Counts: remembering life events, birth days, your place in the universe, the focused year, the circular calendar, big goals
  • Star Cycles: the slowest natural cycle, the Saturn return, mid-life cycles
  • Revisiting the Moon: moon rituals, review of your experience with the lunar rhythms
  • To Everything There is a Season: creating rituals and traditions to mark the seasons, simple ways to attune with nature

“We have forgotten that our only goal is to live and that we live each day and that at every hour of the day we are reaching our true goal if we are living . . . The days are fruits and our role is to eat them. - Jean Giono

Money-Back Guarantee: If at the end of the twelve weeks, you are not completely satisfied that your relationship with time has been transformed, I will refund your money.

If you have any questions about the course, how it works and what's covered, please send me an email at

Thank you! I look forward to enjoying this class with you.
Waverly Fitzgerald

White Rabbit
Here’s what previous students have said:

“I am especially glad I attended your workshop on time [at the Take Back Your Time Day conference]. Your presentations have literally changed my life. I’m now defining events, happenings, circumstances... as having occurred as results of either being in clock time or natural time. Guess which results were the best? I can now see ‘magical’ happenings are the result of living/using natural time. Things that don't go well, very often involve some kind of clock time restraint.”

- Mike Lenich, Chicago

“Ever since beginning my studies in the School of the Seasons, my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been greatly alleviated.”

- Kathleen K, jewelry-maker, Malone, New York

“Your workshop was life-altering for me. Literally — no hyperbole. I thought very intensely, for hours, after the workshop… and I realized there are many important things about the way I've been conducting my life that can be different. The most important thing I learned was the way I’ve organized my life — my family’s life — for the last year is terribly unnatural, and a little bit destructive, and I’ve certainly been teaching my children the wrong sorts of lessons about time and how it should be valued — I certainly haven't been valuing theirs.”

- Tracy G., Napa, CA

“I’m now aware of the way everything spirals round to be seen from a new perspective. And it's helped me with the ebb and flow of various interests.”

- Anne B., novelist, Kenmore, NY

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