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Four Seasons
Signs of the Season: Spring

February 1 is the beginning of Spring according to the Celtic calendar.

What are the signs of Spring where you live? Write us and we'll post your answers here.

March 21, 2009
Allison in Northwood, Middlesex, England writes:
In North West London, spring is finally here! Daffodils, tulips and crocuses are in the gardens, along the roadside and in the park. Trees with pink, yellow and white blossom are have appeared – cherry, forsythia and magnolia– among the bare branches of taller oaks still waiting for their first leaves to appear. I can just see the first bronzed buds emerging on the beech tree outside my bedroom window. And the robin in the cherry tree sings all day long. A gentle breeze brings the smell of newly growing grass and the late afternoon sun is warm and yellow on the lawn.

March 20, 2009
Riognach in Long Island, NY writes:
I awake to snow. Lacy bits whirling thickly in the air. It is a silver and brown day. Bare trees reach up to catch the snowflakes as they fall. Browns of bark, greys and silver of sky and earliest Spring light are soft on the eyes this Equinox. The air is too raw for the many crocus above ground to open. Sun tries to burn past the heavy cloud cover, but is ineffectual ; it contents itself with providing luminescence to the grey sky reminiscent of a pearl's nacre. The snow does not settle, but vanishes as it touches a surface. Undeterred, it spins, dances, sails on the wind blowing up the hill from the harbor. Birds sing in my neighbor's evergreen hedge. The tall cypress give them cover on cold days when cardinals, chickadees, bluejays, robins, and doves gather together in the branches for warmth. The snow continues to whirl past my windows. Inside I listen to the birds beyond my windows, to Pyewackett purring on my lap, to my collie snoring; I drink plain hot tea for comfort and remind myself that eventually weather more identifiable with spring will arrive.

March 20, 2009
Darlene in Austin, Texas writes:
In Cental Texas Red Bud trees blooming, actully mauve. After spending years in Hawaii interesting to see Spring again, one long summer in Hawaii. Missed bulb plants in the Iislands, many plants merely grow on damp air it appears. Different colors of some plants grow at different times, but seasons don't happen in the Tropics.

March 3, 2009
Teresa in the Willamette Vallery, Oregon writes:
March, in the Willamette Valley
Spectacular clouds in the sky, but everywhere that pinched, moody light, and bare rain-beaten ground showing through the grass like an old man's scalp. My eight year old is weeping and frightened, of nothing in particular, having been too emotional to attend her ballet class today. Instead, we give the dog an early walk down our muddy alleys. My daughter's keening echoes against the houses. I pick up a pussy willow catkin and rub it on her nose and forehead. Amazingly, she stops crying.

March 4, 2009
Riognach writes:

On the last day of brief February - unusually and unbearably bitter cold this year, and so not brief enough! - the first snow crocus poked itself out of the leaf detritus in my garden bed by the front steps. In a normally cold winter, these brilliant little gems begin to blossom in late January or early February. Despite the sun, and the rocks near it which hold heat, the air was too cold and seare for this little golden spindle to unfurl. The next morning, it was covered with snow, and more was coming down - sideways, mostly - as March roared in like a lion. My particular spot on Long Island got a foot before it was over. The red maples have buds on the ends of the branches, but they are still tight and brown. Even the forsythia sleeps, buds firmly shut against the weather. This has been a particularly cold winter, and the earth sleeps under the dark blanket of leaves and the smooth white of snow. Icicles a yard long hand from the roof, and drip in the sun. Tonight is clear, cold, with diamond Orion above in the Southwest. He glitters; the snow in the moonlight glitters...we here must wait a bit longer for spring.

March 3, 2009
Sharon from Monroe, Louisiana writes:

Although I appreciate all of the Seasons, Spring is one of my favorites! Robins abound in our region; the narcissus, chinese ground orchids, tulips, Iris and other Spring bulbs have come out to lift their leaves to the Sun. Trees are leafing out; I have buds on the dogwood and the ornamentals are blooming. March is when the Ruby-throated hummingbird begins showing up in our neighborhood. Birds are singing and feeding earlier in the morning and the Koi are enjoying the warmer, sunny afternoons. Water lilies are forming leaves and will be up soon. Buds are forming well on my orchids and the violets have flowered. All of this means it is just about time to get my hands in the dirt!

What are the First Signs of Spring where you live?

If you email the Webmistress and let us know, we will post your responses here.

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