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Four Seasons
Signs of the Season: Autumn

August 1 is the beginning of Autumn according to the Celtic calendar.

What signs of Autumn are appearing where you live?

September 23, 2008
Debbie in Tallahassee, Florida writes:

Thank you for sharing your insights on the change of weather. I teach a class in a nursing home and the residents are from all over the US. They enjoyed hearing the responses from your thread and reminisced about autumn in their part of the world.

Here in Tallahassee, the early mornings are just a hint cooler and less humid. It's so exciting to think relief from summer's dog days are just around the corner. But, be wary of October in Florid'a panhandle. It can turn into Indian summer in a heartbeat and the A/C goes on and on.....

September 22, 2008
Rebecca in Los Angeles, CA writes:

It's so subtle here, bu t my body knows it - the gentling of the light, the ease of the angle just a little bit, so that the sun feels good on my head instead of burning. Longer shadows. And when I get to drive up to the mountains above the city, I see the sky gets so blue it's like stained glass. The air feels just a litle bit drier. I love the smell of sun on the fallen sycamore leaves and pine needles, earthy and hot. And even though it doesn't announce itself until later, I like that people put pumpkins and litl fall decorations outside their houses to remind us that no matter how subtle, the change is happening.

September 22, 2008
Angelica in Langley, BC writes:

Here in Langley, BC (about an hour east of Vancouver) ... Nature seems to have shaken herself out of the laziness of summer and realized it's autumn! It's been green and lush - now the tops of the grasses in the meadow outside my office window are sand coloured, and yellows and reds are beginning to peak through the branches of the tree top on the drive home. The sun is brightly shining yet there's a chill in the wind. People are wearing sweaters and shoes with socks. All signs of the season.

September 19, 2008
Margaret in Salem, Oregon writes:

The moon looked almost red last night. During the day, bands of Scrub Jays screech and screech while gathering filberts in my yard. Squirrels are getting their share, hopping across the roof line, then back with amazing flying leaps to their trees to cache the nuts.

September 9, 2008
Sally in Weymouth, MA writes:

Early September and the air is crisp and clear during my early morning walks. As the sun slowly rises, later and later each morning, I can see the touch of yellows and orange at the tops of the trees. Squirrels drop acorns on me in their haste to horde food for the pending winter and there is a feeling of anticipation and excitement as the world readies for the day.

September 4, 2008
Shani in Albuquerque, New Mexico writes:

Here it is so sunny during the day that the earlier sunset comes as a surprise. We live in the high desert so the signs are subtle but still there. At night we wake up wrapped in our blankets instead of finding them kicked to the end of the bed. However, this is September. August was very much summer.

grees here during the day Arghhh! War

August 26, 2008
Synnoveah in Stockton, California writes:

No signs of autumn here..its still 106 degrees here during the day Arghhh! Warm nights, and here in California the fire season has been so much longer. Autumn around here doesn't typically show its face until late September. <sigh>

August 26, 2008
Deborah in Chicago, Illinois writes:

This morning the air turned chilly enough in Chicago to put socks on for the first time in months. And I watched a squirrel burying a nut in the flower boxes I have on my front porch. That always makes me laugh and I know autumn is on its way.

August 18, 2008
Jane in Decatur, Georgia writes:

Here in the south (just outside Atlanta, GA) autumnal harbingers are only little whispers. The most notable being the change in the air. An early morning 70 degrees the past two weeks feels distinctly different from early morning 70 degrees in weeks past. The squirrels, chipmunks, and birds must know something, too, because they are emptying the bird feeder in record time, storing up for the coming shorter days and colder weather. While I love all seasons, Autumn has been my steadfast favorite forever. She is a jewel to behold and a deep blessing in the heart.

August 13, 2008
Sue writes:

I have been waiting for the wolf spider to appear - one comes in August and winds up summer into a ball and holds it in a huge web right by the front door - when the dew gets so heavy that the web is wet in the mornings, then the spider, having done his job, disappears or dies right in the web - then it is autumn. A wolf spider is a beneficial insect and their presence means a healthy garden!

August 13, 2008
Kelly in Portland, Oregon writes:

A week ago the first leaves on the first trees were starting to change color. Now it's entire branches. Only a few trees, and only a few of the uppermost, innermost branches.

The sky is no longer fully light when I get up in the morning. When I read bedtime stories to my daughter, it's starting to get dark out.

August 12, 2008
Toni in Long Island, New York writes:

Although it is only the 12th of August, here on the east coast (Long Island) there is the kiss of fall in the air; leaves have started to turn, the squirrels are foraging, squash is abundant (early!); cats’ fur is thickening; the temperature is much cooler than normal which is usually high 90s; the fall mist is in the air in the early morning; and that feeling of quickness one gets when the seasons are changing and all our signs indicate an early fall. Along with the signs is the sense that Mother Earth is reclaiming what is Hers and the lessons we are to learn will be hard and enlightening as to our required stewardship to Her and all that belongs to Her.

August 12, 2008
Marnie in New Jersey writes:

Here in the countryside of New Jersey (yes, we have some beautiful and soothing country in New Jersey, but we like to keep it a secret) the Cork-bark Euonymus (sometimes known as Burning Bush) is getting a bronze tinge around the edges. This always starts part-way through summer and it will take well into the fall before the brilliant cherry red takes over. But, since fall is my favorite season, I always get a thrill from this early harbinger.

What are the First Signs of Autumn where you live?

If you email the Webmistress and let us know, we will post your responses here.

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