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Four Seasons
About Waverly Fitzgerald

Waverly Fitzgerald, October 2001Waverly Fitzgerald has been fascinated with calendars and seasonal lore since her Catholic childhood; she still possesses an almost mint condition stamp calendar featuring a Saint for every day. At Reed College, which she attended briefly in the early 1970's, she declared a major in Symbolism, which had changed to a more conventional major of English Literature by the time she graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara although she found ways to work mythology and folklore into all of her papers. She spent a year and a half at UCLA in the Folklore and Mythology graduate program before moving to Seattle. During her early 20's she found an outlet for her passions for research and writing in writing historical novels about Victorian London and her passions for dancing and calendar-making in publishing Waverly's Dance Calendar.
In 1992, she discovered Octava, a seasonal gazette published by Helen Farias, also founder of The Beltane Papers. After devouring all the back issues, she was happy to become affiliated with Helen Farias and Joanna Powell Colbert in reviving The Beltane Papers, allowing her to pursue all her passions (but dancing) in one endeavor. She became the Editor of The Beltane Papers in 1994 when Helen died and resigned in 1998 to devote more time to her own writing and teaching. She has been teaching the correspondence course, School of the Seasons, for over eight years. Her writing has been featured in SageWoman and Gnosis.


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